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So you have invested in a website, but who's looking at it? Maybe all your existing customers and everyone else you give a business card to...!

Your website is potentially there for the entire world to see...but you've got to let everyone know you're there and help them find you. To do this you may well need to apply SEO to your site.

What is SEO ?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) helps your website to rank highly on the major search engines so your potential customers can find your site. This involves analysing the content of your website and comparing it to your competitors and making behind the scenes changes based upon individual search engine criteria.

This is objectively the most important part of any web development project, and is often overlooked.

Why SEO ?

You MUST invest in submitting your website to the search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN) to let your potential customers find your services on the Internet.

Not promoting your website to the search engines is like having a shop with no sign on it - you are literally giving your custom away, besides that, all the money you invested in your website design is completely wasted.

Submitting your site to be registered on the hundreds of major worldwide search engines isn't difficult, and at April Media Productions we do this for you for FREE when your site is launched. This will more than likely get your business listed 'somewhere' on the search engines, but as you may well know yourself...does anyone really look past the first 3 pages of results on a search engine?

Ideally your business needs to be in the top 5 pages, which may not always be possible if trying to take on the entire UK or World in some business fields (for example, at the time of writing this, the competition for "UK Mortgage" is 34.5 MILLION web pages !!) , but you can however be realistic and tailor your search requirements to a region, county, or city to get the very best results.

So how can we improve your search engine rankings?

Once your website is online, 'Search Engine Optimisation' (or SEO) is the best investment you can make. generally speaking, this process (amongst other things) involves analysing your competitors websites, and then editing the text and other elements on your site to enable search engines to give your site more 'worth' than your rivals, and rank your site higher.

How long will it take - and how much does it cost ?

Every business requires a different degree of SEO applied to their sites to achieve results. This is because online competition varies considerably between between industries, and it also depends if you are targeting a specific localised area, region, country or the world, or a combination of these. We charge a very competetiv one-off fee for the initial SEO work following a consultation with you to establish your requirements. We await for initial changes to tyour rankings to take effect online and then we will advise you of our recommendations if you wish to try to improve the placings. there are many ways to do this, and we will charge a basic hourly rate for any susequent work undertaekn, so you know exactly how much it is costing.

How will I know how well my site is doing compared to my competitors?

You will of course be able to got to the search engines yourself and type in the relevant key phrases and check for yourself, however, we use software to analyse your site against all your competitors for specific key words and phrases on the many search engines.

We run scans periodically and advise you accordingly based upon the latest results. If you require copies of the results we can send these to you.

What if SEO doesn't achive the desired results?

We have optimised websites for many of our clients sites and most sites have excellent positions within the search engine results pages for the chosen key phrases relevant to their business and location.Sometimes, if the competition is very strong and you have launched a new site it can take many months for the SEO work to take effect on cetain major search engines due to their "scoring" system (the criteria vary between search engines). If this happens to be the case with your site, and you require better and faster results, we can secure you placed rankings, where you pay a set fee to appear at the top of sponsored links (not pay per click) so you will get immediate results. whilst all the time, the SEO work previously undertaken will continue to take effect.

We have done this for some of our major clients and they continue to be delighted with the results.

More information

Again, our SEO prices are very competitive, and we suggest that you contact us to discuss what we can do to promote your business. We can take a look at your current rankings and advise you accordingly.



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web design plymouth web design plymouth website design plymouth web designers plymouth search engine optimisation plymouth seo plymouth web design devon web design devon website design devon web designers devon search engine optimisation devon seo devon